English Summary

Welcome to our homepage!


Our names are Maria and Niclas Wikstroem. We live in the north of Sweden, in the countryside outside the town of Luleaa. In our family we have 3 boys between 10 and 18 years. I’m working at a school and Niclas is working at the airport in Luleaa. The whole family is interested in animals. We have dogs, cats and horses.
We got the idea of the name of our kennel when we were at Maui on Hawaii. Hang Loose! Everybody said “hang loose”, take it cool. It was so beautiful there and everybody was so nice to us. We wanted to take that feeling home to Sweden.
We started out with Bull Terriers, but now we only breed Border Terriers.


"Chili" is our first Borderterrier, and she was born in February 2001. She is a very special dog, and she have a very big place in my heart. She has have three litters, with totaly ten puppies.
"Bibbi" is our little happiness. She was born in May 2003 at kennel En'Båårdiz. She is the most beautiful dog, and she loves everybody. "Bibbi" had her first litter in February 2006, and her second litter in March 2007.Totaly she has got 6 puppies. All her puppies has got her lovely temperament.
"Hulda" is a puppie from our "Chili". She was born here at the kennel in August 2004. She is a very dominat bitch, but she have a big heart for her family. "Hulda" had her first litter in August 2006, and now we are looking for a male for her.
Anja is our Rottweiler. She was born in April 2006 in the south of Sweden. She is a very calm and intelligent dog. She loves all kind of amimals and take care of all the puppies at the kennel. She was born without tail.
"Bellman" is a puppie from "Hulda", and he was born here at the kennel in August 2006. He is a very beatiful young male, and we have a hope that he is going to be a Champion."Bellman is living in Gammelstad with Niclas brother and his family.
"Cleo" is our oldest sons dog. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier. She was born 17th of May 2007. Cleo is a very nice lade, and she want to learn a lot. She loves everybody and want everybody to be her friend.
"Tsarina" is our Dobermann. She was born th 12 of October 2008. We have big plans for her and You can see her att dog-shows in the whole of Sweden an Scandinavia soon. Her father is a very famous dog from Russia Sant Creal Yuspusov.


We have puppies once or twice a Year.


We do a lot of different things with our dogs. All of our dogs is of different kind and need different things. We have a lot of fun with them and train them separat sometimes 






Thank you for visiting and please let us know you were here! Regards, Maria